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Crazy Zen Life is a podcast for moms, yogis and any lover of life that embraces the daily crazy. Yoga besties Brittany Swan and Shannon Kessler explore the beautiful mess created in your life in a fun light-hearted accepting space. Join them as they dive into the aspects of motherhood, yoga, entrepreneur hustle and all the life in between.

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”If you resist, it persists” talking all things privacy and secrecy with our resident therapist- Megan B. Bartley, MAMFT

2 days ago

Megan is BACK!  We are so excited to welcome Megan B. Bartley back to the pod and help us dissect the inner workings of parenting and privacy.  We live in a digital age where most interactions happen at our fingertips and that is a heavy burden for an adolescent. How do you keep them safe?  How do you monitor without prying?  These are all touchy topics to approach a pre-teen.  Today, Megan walks us through the power of being a good listener, trusting your gut, and asking the right questions for your child.  She even touches on what privacy and secrecy mean at different ages and even for a marriage.  #mindblown Enjoy the show, zen friends!  Megan is also available at all of the links below.    

Social Catch Up- Hollywood is Knocked Up, Britney is Almost Free, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac Give us all the Feels

6 days ago

You would think with a short week the news would be a little slow. Not in our pop culture world! The headlines were hot this week.  Here is ur line up: Tons of stars announced they were expecting this week and the list kinda shocked us. Oh baby baby!  Britney is almost free! The latest standing on Britney Spears conservatorship. Bye, Bye Jamie!  Tennis Pro Sloane Stephans weighs in on online bullies and the disturbing racist comments she has received.   Unpopular opinions Part 2 Enjoy the show!

Social Catch Up- Nirvana Cover Art Legal Battle,Scott Disick Dm Slide, Addison Rae is a Star?, MLM doc sneak peek

Friday Sep 03, 2021

Let's Catch Up on the week of headlines! The famous naked baby in the Nirvana album cover is suing multiple people from the Nirvana camp with charging child pornography   Can Scott Disick slid into his Ex's DMs? We weigh in. TikTok Star Addison Rae takes over Netflix in the 2000's remake He's All That Sneak Peek into our future convo about MLM documentary   Enjoy the Show!!    

How to Brand Yourself Like a Pro- A crash course in marketing yourself with Danielle Davis

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

We are not born knowing how to brand/market our lives. That is why the universe sent us the wonderful Danielle Davis from LouWhatWear & Lemonade PR to give us a crash course in the this very important life skill. It doesn’t matter if you're selling candles to coffee, we all need help navigating the art of promoting what we do. Ms. Davis does know what she's talking about when it comes to brand management. This wonder woman is a partner in a very successful PR/ digital branding company and also runs a long running Louisville blog called LouWhatWear.  Tune in today as Danielle gives you tangible tips on how to shamelessly plug yourself and take pride in what sets you on fire. In Danielle’s words, “if you won’t talk about what you’re doing, who will?” Be prepared to take notes and be inspired by the our favorite hype girl in the biz.  Oh!  And, as if this girl isn't taking on enough already, Danielle and Shannon have paired up for a new project that is sure to have your engines revved.  Enjoy the show!!!

Social Catch Up- Jesus Lizards, Kylie Preggo, JLo Gets Petty

Friday Aug 27, 2021

We are live and in person folks! Social Catch up is being brought to you on a bedroom floor somewhere in Boca Raton.  Today, we talk about all of the things: Brittany's weird Florida critters. Kylie is preggo again and the world is freaking out. Jlo deletes A Rod from her IG.  Is that petty or customary? Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz dating? Real or PR stunt? Enjoy this week's Social Catch Up!  

Can We Be Friends? Discussing friendship after 35- Shannon Kessler & Brittany Swan

Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

When you're in your twenties you feel like you walk out of your door and trip over 5 people that want to your friend.  But, after committed relationships, careers, and possibly kids, how do you maintain friendships (or cultivate new ones) with all of that going on?  Well, help is here! Not expert help but educated assistance.  Here at CZL we feel that we have really honed in on the craft of friendship through trial and error and countless bottles of wine. Today, we discuss making friends during transitional times, when to let go of a friend, and key ways to find the right friends for where you are in your life.  Tons of tangible tips in this episode.  ENJOY!   

Social Catch Up- Lizzo Deals with Trolls, Celebrities that don't bathe, Bama Rush Tiktok Takeover

Friday Aug 20, 2021

So much to discuss this week.  We jump right into it! After Lizzo's latest release, the trolls came out hard for her and it was personal. Lizzo takes to YouTube is an emotional video, that has now been deleted, to shred some light on what she deals with behind the scenes.   Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis share on a well known podcast that they wait to smell their kids BEFORE giving them a bath.  This led to other celebrities sharing their bathing habits.  Is this a trend we all should consider? Tiktok's latest trend is the Bama Rush posts and we cannot get enough.  This, of course, had the internet spiraling and doing a deep dive on the greek life in the southern states and why it is so important to the SEC colleges.  We love having all of our new Zen Friends in our community.  Thank you again for all of your support.  Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to all of CZL so you're in the zen loop!  Enjoy the drop today.    Resources for today's episode: Celebs that don't bathe:   Discrimination at University of Alabama:   Money in sororities  

"If you Don't See it, I Can't Help You"- Social Catch Up- Brittany Swan & Shannon Kessler

Friday Aug 13, 2021

We have all of the opinions today when it comes to the back to school process and carpool. Why does carpool suck so bad? From our heated thoughts about carpool to a round of applause for the amazing women olympic athletes who took home a shocking number of metals and record from this year's summer games.  Cuomo finally resigned after political pressure from inside and outside his party.  What does this mean for politics in NY moving forward? Rihanna is a billionaire.  That's right, a BILLIONAIRE.  We discuss why we think this songstress is making all of the right money moves when it comes to her business model.  We also share the results from last week's tipping controversy.  We were shocked by the results.    

Tipping Controversy, Kelly Clarkson's Messy Divorce, Matt Damon Doesn't Say the F-slur Anymore

Friday Aug 06, 2021

The topics are strong today!  We start out by addressing a weird tipping encounter Shannon experienced a few nights ago. This event lead us to ask some tough questions about tipping and the correct protocol.  Kelly Clarkson's divorce is getting a little messy.  This songstress is in a hefty legal battle with ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.  During an interview for his new movie, Matt Damon revealed that he no longer uses the F-slur due to a letter his daughter wrote to him a few months ago.  The response to this sudden change in behavior has the world questioning why Matt Damon was even saying this harmful word at all.   The olympics are all we can watch right now!  We touch on a few of our favorite moments from the 2021 summer games.   Resources: Matt Damon   Kelly Clarkson: & Kevin Hart       

Ep.156 Social Catch Up - Simone Biles makes a Stand, Bennifer Update, and Britney Spears coming in HOT with a New Lawyer

Friday Jul 30, 2021

Catching Up this week with the decision heard around the world by Simon Biles. Jennifer Lopez turns 52 on a Yacht in St. Tropez and almost breaks the internet. Britney Spears picks her own lawyer and comes at Jamie Lynn with some passive-aggressive Instagram comments and it's just the amount of petty we are looking for this week! Simone Biles: Bennifer: Britney Spears:



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